October 2, 2007

A Most Formidable New Medium: Magazines & Newspapers

What I like about print media is that they put something in their audience’s hands, they touch their consumers.

I also like the fact that for the most part print audiences pay for their media, which is as clear a demonstration of true interest that one can have.

Increasingly I am also admiring the way some publications are integrating the internet into their content delivery mode, creating a hybrid, morphed medium composed of print readers accessing web content and new users via the web.

So, are magazines and newspapers old, ‘dying’ media as some pundits would have us believe? Or are they in the vanguard of the ultimate expression of current media trends, building on their strong print audience relationships to extend their communications platforms into new touch points with a wider audience?

I think the latter and as publishers figure out that they need to promote viewing of their increasing video content via some form of tune-in advertising, they will constitute a formidable new media force.

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