October 26, 2007

Newspapers Are Still A Dominant Medium Among Affluent Boomers

Predicting the future of newspapers is interesting but not particularly relevant to marketers today who are accountable for results tomorrow vs. some distant point in time. And, for now, newspapers are an extremely potent media vehicle for reaching intelligent, affluent adults---people who represent a prime and major market for many many products. We recently did a study of the media habits of upscale boomers defined as 'Adults 45-64 with $100,000 plus household incomes and found that these folks are very heavy newspaper readers and very light TV viewers. There are some very intelligent people buying newspaper companies today and my conviction is that they will adapt over the years to more fully exploit the strong connection newspapers have with their readers.

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David Reich my 2 cents said...

Gene, I'm tired of reading about newspapers dying. Yes, they certainly are having problems but, as you say, there are some smart people running them who will figure it out. And they do reach a targeted audience that other media might not deliver as effectively.

And, to boot, there's nothing like flipping through the pages of a newspaper over morning coffee. It just isn't the same online. Plus, you have to worry about spilling the coffee on the keyboard.